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Chapters from a true fairytale

 Kirsty studied Art in Brighton, and at the Norwich Art School where she gained a BS honours degree in Illustration. She worked freelance as an Artist and Illustrator alongside fulfilling other dreams of, being a Compere, Dancer, Performer, and Events Organiser.  Having spent over a decade living out her True Fairy Tales, and sharing a great many chapters with a huge variety of incredibly talented souls within the creative industry, her heart began to question the nature of her ways. Fear for the well-being of all nature and our sacred earth began to rise, so she set about seeking to live a life of true harmony with nature. She solo wild camped with her bicycle across parts of England, hitch-hiked parts of Ireland, danced the streets of Galway with her hat out, and stitched her clothes before she found a not-so-quiet hill in rural County Galway Ireland. Her partner built a log cabin and there they lived completely off the grid by the natural light of the seasons, washing clothes and themselves in an old tin bath, collecting water from a Spring, foraging for wild medicinal herbs and firewood, and growing vegetables. Kirsty even managed to find a little pony tied to a tree and with this little Irish Cob learned to drive horses, and travel by horse and cart.  Living in her idea of absolute harmony, brought her to her edge in every way - she fell even more completely in love with her connection to the land and its ancient and alive spirit. She ignited a huge wealth of passion and understanding for vibrant health, living and Wild foods, nutrition, and plant medicine. However the journey to live in absolute harmony with nature had brought a sense of deep peace that she was not yet ready for, and a deep sadness set in. The seeking for harmony had disconnected her from the whole - she had separated herself from a reality that we too are nature.  With her yearning curious heart, she ventured once more seeking a more joyful sense of peace. Once again shedding her skin, letting go of old and restrictive ideas, taking off the reigns, and riding free upon the spirit of life itself once more.  

As nature would have it the blessing and brewing of a family commenced, and the journey of motherhood sent her into the dreamy challenging bubble of love-filled life-changing parenthood and her whole world stopped to focus on the magical beings in her full-time care. In December of 2021, Kirsty and her wonderful partner with their young family decided to move to Portugal. After a long search, they discovered a slice of Paradise in an outcrop of Red Sandstone, at the edge of a sleepy Algarvian village of Fruit Orchards and Almond and Olive Groves. It was during the spectacular wildflower display of the Portuguese Springtime and playing Pirates with her two little boys under the Shade of the Evergreen Holme Oak that had Kirsty spellbound with inspiration that led her back to the drawing board...Kirsty reconnected with her passion for painting and drawing, and her partner Dara found powerful healing, whilst their children roamed barefoot wild and free.  ​The artwork here is in honor of the great beauty and magic of life, and a reminder of Kirsty's current thread of belief - that to live in true harmony with nature, we must learn to live in true harmony with one's self for we too are nature.  ​

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